Bookmark Now. Own Forever.

More Than a Bookmark. It's Ownership.
Seal your content eternally with Collect3's Web3 prowess.

How It Works

With the vast expanse of the internet and the daily proliferation of knowledge, some moments and insights stand out. Collect3 is your cutting-edge tool to ensure those moments never fade away. Our unique browser plugin transforms the way you save and own online content, using the power of web3 and IPFS.


While browsing, find an article, post, or piece of content you'd like to keep.

Click Collect3

Activate the plugin to convert the content into a reader-friendly format.


Your content is not just saved - it's minted, giving you a unique, blockchain-verified version.

Store on IPFS

Ensuring eternal access and complete ownership, your content is securely stored on the InterPlanetary File System.

Why Choose Collect3?

  • Permanence: In an ever-changing digital world, ensure your favorite content stands the test of time.

  • True Ownership: Your saved content isn't just a bookmark - it's a piece of online real estate, minted and owned by you.

  • Easily Accessible: Stored on IPFS, access your saved articles anytime, anywhere.

  • Simplicity: One click is all it takes to transform, mint, and store.

Bookmark Your Place in the Next Web Era

Don't just save articles. Redefine content ownership. Subscribe to the Collect3 beta and lead the change.

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